Frequently Asked Questions.

Product :

Where are the supplements manufactured?2021-09-21T11:28:02+10:00

16 Activity Crescent, Molendinar, 4214.

What do you mean by market-tested?2021-09-21T11:38:53+10:00

For over 6 years we have been distributing our supplements under the BlackBelt Protein brand name. Thousands of customers from Australia & around the world love the BlackBelt Protein product range, which we are now offering to you! Check out the reviews here.

How is the product packaged?2021-09-21T11:41:31+10:00

All packaging selections can be found on the product pages.

See more details on the how it works page.

Is YBN licensed to manufacture supplements?2021-09-21T11:44:29+10:00

Yes, we are certified to manufacture & distribute supplements. We are governed by two regulatory bodies. Gold Coast City Council & Queensland Safe Foods.

Queensland Safe Foods License Number: 125256001

What is the expiry date of the supplements I order?2021-09-21T11:52:27+10:00

8 to 18 months from the date of arrival to you.

Branding :

Can I make claims on the packaging of the supplements?2021-09-21T11:54:13+10:00

No claims can be made on supplements sold within Australia. If you’re purchasing from overseas, it’s your responsibility to uphold the laws within the country you’re selling your supplements. If claims are made on the packaging that clearly does not align with the supplement offers. We will request you change the design.

Payment :

How do I pay for my supplements?2021-09-21T10:35:37+10:00

You can pay by credit card or bank transfer.

If you opt for the drop ship or Established plan. We will charge your credit card as your orders come through.

Shipping :

How much does shipping cost?2021-09-21T11:36:53+10:00

Retail Customers

$1.5 per – $3 KG depending on your location in Australia

Price will vary for International customers. Use the freight calculator at the checkout to see the shipping cost.

DropShip Customers

1KG & Under = $9.65
3KG & Under = $12.43
5KG & Under = $15.70
10kg under = $25
10kg + = Price will be determined based on courier price calculator


Do you ship Internationally?2019-09-10T16:05:32+10:00

Yes, we offer DHL Express shipping globally. We also offer free collection if you prefer to book your own shipping.

How long will my shipment take?2020-02-11T23:29:28+10:00

Check out our shipping timetable here.

Which couriers do you use?2021-09-21T10:31:35+10:00

Within Australia, we use Aramex, Sendle, Australia Post & TNT. Internationally we use DHL.

Drop Ship orders are primarily sent through Aramex.