What Is L-Leucine Powder?

L-Leucine Powder is an essential amino acid. The body cannot produce it by itself, so it must be consumed. It is in foods such as brown rice, nuts and whole bread products. Leucine is considered the most important BCAA for protein synthesis.

What Are The Benefits Of L-Leucine Powder?

BCAAs consumed before, during or after exercise to support muscle protein synthesis, reduce protein catabolism and assist in the production of glucose for energy. Leucine increases insulin’s anabolic response, and is believed to be the most beneficial BCAA, with reference to increasing protein synthesis and prevention of muscle catabolism.

The Science

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Who Should Use L-Leucine Powder?

L-Leucine is good for anyone looking to maintain or gain lean mass. It is especially important for people on a caloric deficient diet when they may be prone to muscle catabolism.