What Is Super Greens Formula? Green Tea Extract + Greens

Super Greens Formula is an all-natural formulation bringing together the most vitamin-rich alkalising greens available. Additionally, we have added high purity Green Tea Extract and blended it into a natural mint flavour.

Formulation: Spirulina, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Green Tea Extract, Green Stevia, Natural Mint Flavour

What Are The Benefits Of Super Greens Formula?

Barley and Wheat Grass have been included for their influence on free radicals and the ability to reduce inflammation, the levels of calcium and chlorophyll, as well as the general spectrum of minerals and vitamins. Spirulina has been added for its wide array of vitamins and minerals, especially for its concentration on chelated minerals and B Vitamins. Finally, high purity green tea extract (90%) has been included for its anti-oxidant and fat burning qualities. Super Greens GT is a great choice of multi, as studies show the body can better utilise vitamins and minerals from natural sources compared to synthetic. It can be added to any smoothie, yoghurt dish or protein shake.

The Science

    ‘ The continuous ingestion of a GTE ( GreenTea Extract) high in catechins led to a reduction in body fat, SBP, and LDL cholesterol, suggesting that the ingestion of such an extract contributes to a decrease in obesity and cardiovascular disease risks.’If you’re looking for a comprehensive fat burning formulation, see our HydroCut formulation.