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Retail Specific Plan FAQ2021-11-02T15:22:09+10:00

Frequently Asked Questions.

Please watch these video before reading these FAQ’s

General :

Is YBN licenced to manufacture supplements?2021-11-02T15:55:51+10:00

Yes, YBN are certified to manufacture & distribute supplements. We are governed by two regulatory bodies. Gold Coast City Council & Queensland Safe Foods.

Queensland Safe Foods License Number: 125256001

What do you mean by market-tested?2021-10-29T15:18:02+10:00

For over 6 years YBN have been distributing supplements under the BlackBelt Protein brand name. Thousands of customers from Australia & around the world love the BlackBelt Protein product range, which we are now offering to you! Check out the reviews here.

Further, YBN have 3 years’ experience private labelling for other companies.

Where are the supplements manufactured?2021-11-02T15:56:05+10:00

16 Activity Crescent, Molendinar, 4214.

Packaging :

Can I create my own label design, which can be printed on demand by YBN?2021-11-02T15:08:57+10:00

Yes, simply download the labels on the product page you have selected. Send these label files to your graphic designer, then send the files back to YBN in the same file organisation you have downloaded the files in.

The information on the back of the label must match the YBN label, however you can change the design.

You must also include.

1. Your Address
2. If you’re selling within Australia, you must replace the ‘Made inAustralia ‘with the ‘Country of Origin’ information.
3. The back label information must the YBN information exactly.

YBN will need to review each of you labels at a cost of AUD $5 per back label.

If the back label information that does not match the provided YBN label, or the sizing is wrong. You will need to edit the label, and there may be another review charge.

Can I make claims on the packaging?2021-11-02T15:08:53+10:00

No claims can be made on supplements sold within Australia. If you’re purchasing from overseas, it’s your responsibility to uphold the laws within the country you’re selling your supplements. If claims are made on the packaging that clearly donot align with the supplement offers. YBN will request you change the design.

I want YBN to do my packaging design, what’s the process for this?2022-01-19T14:46:03+10:00

1. YBN will send you a packaging design questionnaire
2. YBN’s graphics team will make your packaging based on this questionnaire.
3. You’ll receive 5 revisions
4. You’ll receive a 3D model for each product in your chosen categories.

You can purchase packaging design here.

Can I purchase a sample with my labels on it?2021-11-02T15:08:45+10:00

Yes, simply purchase through the YBN website & send an email to Please follow the label organisation guidelines. As you are not set-up in our system, The order may take up to 10 business days to be dispatched.

What do the 3D images look like?2021-11-02T15:01:32+10:00

The images will be 3D renders of your design; the images will have the exact same shape as the products on the YBN website.

Do you create Logos?2021-11-02T15:08:17+10:00

No, unfortunately this is not YBN’s area of expertise. We recommend 99 Designs Logos, Web, Graphic Design & More. | 99designs

Can I send my own packaging to your warehouse?2021-11-02T15:03:21+10:00

Yes, YBN can store your packaging and fill it when you place your order.

You may consider getting your bags digitally printed. Digitally printed bags have small MQO (100 bags ) which will allow you to have a wide range packaging, without investing too much in upfront packaging costs.

YBN current bag sizes:

1KG Shinny White ( 1KG bags )
250g Shinny White ( 250gram bags )

Found here: Shiny White Flat Bottom Pouches With Normal Zipper (

PB packaging offer digital printing.

I want custom size packaging. How should I go about this?2021-11-02T15:04:32+10:00

1. Purchase a product from the YBN website you want to private label.
2. Use the product to determine the required size for your packaging.
3. Contact packaging suppliers and request samples of packaging.

Dispatch :

How fast will you process my orders?2021-11-02T15:29:09+10:00

Your order will be dispatched within 5 – 12 business days.

Which courier do you use?2021-11-02T15:24:01+10:00

Aramex is YBN’s preferred courier.

How long does shipping take?2021-11-02T15:23:57+10:00

Providing there are no covid-related delays, use this chart as a reference.

Where do you dispatch from?2021-11-02T15:30:47+10:00

Directly from the YBN factory. 16 Activity Cres, Molendinar, 4214.

Returns :

How are returns handled?2021-11-02T15:36:10+10:00

Here is how YBN handles individual scenarios:

A) Product damaged in transit.

Send YBN the following:

  1. Send YBN an Image of the damaged good.
  2. YBN will review the damage.
  3. In most cases YBN will replace the product.

Please do not through away the product. If it’s minor damage to the external packaging, YBN will collect it. If it’s major damage, YBN requires a photo to make a claim with the courier.

B) The parcel is missing.

1. InformYBNof the order number.
2. YBN will follow up with the couriers. If your parcel can’t be located in a reasonable time, YBN will reproduce your order free of charge.

C) Missing item from order

Send YBN the following:

1. Packing slip with the recorded shipping weight.

YBN will assess the claim against the recorded shipping weight. If it’s concluded it’s a packing error, YBN will send out the missing item immediately.

D) Incorrect product delivered

1. Tell YBN the order number

YBN will organise collection of the Incorrect product and dispatch the correct item immediately.

Payment & Prices :

Do you have a currency convertor on your website?2021-11-02T15:50:10+10:00

Yes, at the very top of the YBN website.


This will change the product pricing.

How much is shipping for orders within Australia?2021-11-02T15:39:43+10:00

$1.5 – $2.5 per KG depending on your location in Australia.

Do you shipinternationally?2021-11-02T15:41:37+10:00

Yes, YBN ships globally. You will need to check the regulations within your country to determine how you can import YBN products.

How much is international shipping?2021-11-02T15:43:12+10:00

There’s a lot of variables to consider. However, you can use the below for indicative pricing.

Purchase amount (1 Pallet) 100KG – 300KG. Shipping equals 5 – 10% the value of the goods.

Looking for a container load? Check rates here:  2021 International Conatiner Shipping Rates & Costs –

Where can I find the product prices?2021-11-02T15:44:36+10:00

Once you register, you’ll get access to pricing immediately on each product page.


Important :

What should I do if a customer has an adverse effect after consuming a product?2021-10-29T16:05:25+10:00

In the incredibly rare event that a consumer has an adverse effect after consuming a supplement, including but not limited to the consumer feeling physically or mentallysick. Contact YBN immediately with the order number and request the consumer stop consuming the product immediately.

Every supplement has legal disclaimers and directions that must be followed, it’s up to the consumer to follow this advice. However, YBN will conduct a product investigation when this occurs.

Miscellaneous :

Can I visit the factory?2021-10-29T16:07:21+10:00

Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate factory visits. As YBN has confidentiality agreements in place with supplement companies, it’s YBN’s duty to protect their confidentiality.

Product :